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It all started in 2003

Simon, from the UK, was waiting in San Francisco for his bike to be delivered from overseas.
He made a post on the Honda Transalp mailinglist about his plans.
Eddy, from the Transalp list, offered the loan of one of his bikes.
Simon took him up and so it began.

In 2007 when Steven from Colorado asked a question on that same Transalp mailinglist,
Simon offered his Honda Transalp for a motorcycle tour around France.

In 2011 Steven got in touch with Danny from the Netherlands, who was willing to lend his Dominator Daisy for Steven to travel around Eastern Europe this time. In return Danny would drive one of Stevens bikes in the USA

In 2012 Steven, yet again, drove Daisy around Europe for 3 months.

In August 2012 Danny made it to the USA and drove Honda Pacific Coasts PC-Patty and PC-Ruby for some 5500 miles through the Western States.

We hope to extend the BikeSwap family,
if you want to drive any of our motorcycles and you are willing to share yours. Let us know!

Steven LeBlanc, Crestone, CO, USA
Danny Engelman, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • How do I swap?
    Get in touch with any of the BikeSwappers. (members have access to contact info)
    It is a 1:1 deal between the two of you. BikeSwap is not an organisation involved in the deal.
    Get to know each other by email, skype.
  • Does it have to be a synchronous swap?
    That's up to you. BikeSwap is a deal between friends.
    Steven borrowed Danny's bike in 2011, '12 and '13. Danny rode in the USA in 2012.
    Talk to other BikeSwappers, Steven will swap with anyone Danny refers and vice versa.
  • And insurance? !!Check with your own insurance agent!!
    Most insurances allow you to lend out any vehicle to someone else. Whether it be your neighbour or someone from another country. The fine print will say you yourself have to be the primary user; that's to prevent you from starting a rental company.
    So it should be perfectly fine to lend out your motorcycle once a year for a couple of weeks to someone else.
    We have heard most UK based insurance companies are really really strict. Check with your own agent.
  • But what if something goes wrong? !!Check with your own insurance agent!!
    Your personal liability insurance should cover that. Treat the borrowed bike as if it were your own. Discuss this before you swap. Maybe leave a cash retainer in case something would happen. You of course take the value of the bike into account; our bikes are over 10 years old. And we don't mind scratches because it could have happened to ourselves as well.
  • More questions? Ask!

Mission Statement

I will loan you my bike here if you will loan me your bike there! BikeSwap.org does not facilitate or organize swaps other then promotion on this website.


Trust and Balance
This is an organization that depends on trust. You must trust the person you loan your motorcycle to.
And you must also trust the person you borrow from.
This is an organization that depends on balance.
If you borrow a motorcycle you must be prepared to loan a motorcycle.

What are the benefits?
There is the obvious benefit of money. It is very expensive to rent and insure a motorcycle in a foreign country.
It is also very expensive to ship your motorcycle to your destination. So borrowing becomes an attractive alternative.
But there is also the benefit of getting to know someone and developing a friendship in a foreign country.
You just might have a friend for life.


Every one of us is proud of our motorcycles. We identify with them. When you decide to loan your motorcycle to someone it is a big step.
Consider these ideas.
  • Agree on how to handle mechanical problems when the bike is being borrowed.
  • Agree on how the expense of insurance is shared.
  • Agree on how to handle the situation when the bike is damaged, destroyed or stolen.